Supporting activities

1. Information to Customers, Shippers and other Authorities

The companies supply data on bromine, equipment design, precautions in handling and advice on procedures to relevant bodies in any chain of distribution. Training and briefing of relevant parties is conducted to ensure knowledge of the systems in place and to minimise initial effects whilst an efficient rapid response is arranged. Data is provided to relevant national bodies and emergency centres.

2. Monitoring Company Emergency Services

Each company will audit its resources and systems for collaborative efforts. Information will be regularly exchanged between the companies on equipment, resources and incidents for continuous improvement. Routinely collaborative as well as individual company exercises will be performed to test the effectiveness of both the systems and the BromAid responders.

If the message is from another source, the Bromine Emergency Controller will consider the following points:

  • If the incident is on a bromine user’s premises, determine which company supplied the bromine. The supplying company may have knowledge of the customer’s bromine installation which is important for dealing with the emergency. So if time permits the “material owning company” should be determined and contacted before emergency response arrangements are finalised.
  • If it is a road, rail, waterways or docks incident, the controller should firstly arrange the emergency service then find out who is the “material owning company”.

The understanding and confidence reached between the participating companies is such that it will allow the Controller receiving any bromine emergency message to make the best practicable arrangements for dealing with any incident. The Controller will inform and remain in contact throughout the incident with the material owning company and may call upon them for additional support, if required.


The purpose of this document is to provide information and guidance to both bromine users and trained response personnel. The manual contains technical facts, engineering detail, health information and media response data.