Mission statement

Bromaid will provide inter-company emergency response to address bromine incidents in specified European countries and work to define, improve and share bromine best practice advice to bromine stakeholders to aid in accident prevention.

BROMAID is a consortium among European bromine companies to provide mutual aid in the event of an emergency and improve product stewardship practices to maximize bromine safety in transport and use.

The member companies of BROMAID are:

  • Albemarle Europe Sprl
  • ICL Industrial Products

These companies are members of the Bromine Science Environmental Forum (BSEF).

The regions of Europe covered by BROMAID for emergency response purposes are Austria, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

BROMAID complements national and international chemical industry emergency response schemes.  The umbrella organisation for emergency response schemes within Europe is the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC).  In addition, National adaptations of International Chemical Environment (ICE) emergency response schemes have been established for the majority of European countries.

Emergency Response and Product Stewardship are the primary areas of Bromaid focus.

BROMAID member companies have agreed to cooperatively address bromine emergencies.  As part of our cooperative efforts, BROMAID companies are prepared to assist each other with emergencies resulting from the transport, storage or use of bromine.

BROMAID companies:

  • Accept the general obligation to respond to a bromine emergency;
  • Maintain a system for receiving emergency messages at any hour, day or night, and for relaying those messages to appropriate company officials or inter-company contacts;
  • Provide emergency response services to participating companies to minimize time to the incident location, provide reinforcement at the scene of an incident or lessen the impact of a bromine incident. The assisting company acts on behalf of the asking company, either for the duration of the incident or until the asking company’s representatives arrive at the scene.  

The aim of BROMAID Product Stewardship is to define and promote best practice for the distribution, handling and use of bromine.


  • Set minimum standards for the distribution and use of bromine.
  • Develop and implement tools to ensure that customers, drivers, logistic providers, and emergency personnel are trained and audited in a consistent manner.
  • Conduct training and auditing to maximize the safe distribution of bromine in covered geographies.
  • Create and participate in joint projects to further enhance the safe distribution and handling of bromine.

    Albemarle Europe Sprl


    ICL-Industrial Products


The purpose of this document is to provide information and guidance to both bromine users and trained response personnel. The manual contains technical facts, engineering detail, health information and media response data.